Holger Lönze

Based in West Cork, Holger Lönze first studied architecture before turning to printmaking and sculpture at the University of Ulster, Belfast where he completed his studies with a PhD. After working as a researcher for the Eden Project, Cornwall, he returned to Ireland in 2004 to work predominantly on public commissions and as artist in residence for various county councils. The wind-driven wave on the surface of the ocean yields an elemental metaphor for the shaping of materials by the sculptor’s hands. It conveys the ancient fundamentals of sculpture that are used to model clay and to form metal: movement, rhythm, mass and volume. It is not surprising, therefore, that the wave is a powerful and archetypal image which recurs within Holger’s work together with imagery of boats, sails, birds and fish – as living on the west coast of Ireland the sea plays a central role in his life. His work is a poetic response to Europe’s Atlantic seaboard: from the legendary protagonists of its early literature to its folklife traditions steeped in rich maritime culture and heritage.




Informed by his voyages in self-made curachs, these archetypal vessels transform through his work into poetic objects, revealing our human urge to explore and discover. They become metaphorical vessels or our ideas, beliefs and desires. By combining cultural objects like boats, bells and horns with natural form and human anatomy in a single object. The simultaneous presence of their interlocking and intersecting shapes resonate with the ancient concept of the otherworld. Holger employs the time-proven materials of bronze, wood and steel in combination with ancient and sustainable techniques including repoussé and Bronze-Age casting methods. Rich texture, distinctive patination and accentuated gilding, together with a well-informed realism, give the work an ancient, archaic and often mythological character. Large commission work installed in the public domain is juxtaposed with intimate, portable objects that can be experienced through handling and personal use.


Some Sample of Holgers Work